Looking for people who share the same philosophy with the company, we are committed to pursuing the double happiness of our employees' material and spiritual.

We firmly believe that talent is the most valuable resource for enterprises, and talent development is the key to the company's development.
Therefore, attracting talents, cultivating talents, retaining talents, motivating talents, and accomplishing talents are the concepts of our human resources work. We continue to expand into new business areas, and strive to provide employees with greater development space, with clear and gradually improved promotion channels, good corporate culture, to provide employees with opportunities and space for sustainable development.

As the company continues to grow, we focus on the career development of our employees, and strive to provide employees with multiple value channels to help employees achieve personal value.


We value the talents in the team, provide the overall salary of each outstanding colleague, attract, retain, nurture and motivate outstanding talents, and provide a diversified market-competitive salary scale and system.

☑ Fixed salary of 12 months, year-end bonus and performance bonus

☑ Labor insurance, group insurance, etc. are better than the insurance system of local Labor Law

☑ Three Festivals (Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival), Labor Day and Birthday Gifts

☑ Subsidy Wedding, funeral, childbearing, child education, hospitalization condolences, emergency assistance, etc.

☑ Employee parking fee subsidy

☑ Modern software and hardware office equipment

☑ Humanized management and working environment

☑ In the second year of service, free employee medical examination every year

☑ Regularly hold employee birthday party, employee tours, and promote employee friendship

☑ Large-scale fun clubs, family days, year-end party, etc.


Our people are our most valuable resource. We are not only providing a good performance assessment system but also are committed to providing a broad range of training and advancement opportunities to nurture our employees and unearth their unique talents and abilities.

We are looking for someone who is different, starting with the dream and going to where you are going. Welcome someone who is talents with ambitions to join us

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